A Cost Effective Solution

Spray your fields effectively and efficiently, reducing environmental harm.
runoff affects us

Runoff Affect Us.Inaccurate, inefficient, and dangerous!

Runnoff pollutes our water sources, kills animals and even pollutes the air by it's lack of accuracy.
It is a dangerous practice for the environment.

agricultural change

A fundamental change.Wondering why honey got so expensive?

In traditional spraying, insects are harmed terribly, affecting also the beneficial ones like bees, as the pesticides travels to other places than the actual crops, jeopardizing the existence of such insects.

spraying drone

What we Do.We are revolutionizing aerial spraying.

Aerial spraying will never be the same! We are using state of the art drones now equiped with artificial intelligence, resulting on a remarkable control on the air and water pollution which was a common outcome of airplane spraying.

The Cost Effective Solution.

The cost effectiveness of Spraying Drone make it the best option in the market, making it approachable to all size farmers providing the highest accuracy available and up to 20% more accurate than traditional airplanes spraying, without any toxic fumes.

Map your route.

Our state of the art software allows you to precisely map the route, it will automatically return to home when the batteries require or the tank is empty!


Re-fuel and change battery pack.

One worker can manage up to ten simultaneous Spraying Drones at once due to it's simplicity and autonomy, watch them spray from your Ipad!


Get the reports!

Detailed reports will be provided for your convenience, where you as a farmer will be able to spot potential problems as well as plant health.

No matter the shape of your field, the type of crop, Spraying Drone will get the job done.

Our reports let you easily track and analyse your crops, leaf colouration and harvest potential.

Spraying Drone provides real time observational technology to generate insights on water management, disease prevention and even warn you about potential problems and therefore provide you with healthier crops and bigger yields.

Advanced leaf colouration reports.

Together with the state of the art optical hardaware we can help you estimate the density of photosynthetically active biomass.
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